Busquí S.L. has being dedicated to the manufacture of cheese moulds for more than fifty years.

The experience acquired during these years has allowed us to create and perfect ever more technologically advanced moulding systems and models with ever increasing levels of excellence, until we arrived at the innovative micro-perforated moulds, manufactured as a one piece unit and using environmentally friendly materials.

For this purpose, Busquí undertakes research and development projects aimed at continually improving the design of our products and the production process. As a result of this effort, all Busquí moulds have a one year guarantee.

As a manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive service that includes the technical advice necessary for adapting our moulds to needs of each client and to their production processes and we supply of the cleaning products that are required for appropriate maintenance.

Our team, which is made up of expert professionals, personally takes care of getting our products up and running and guaranteeing their efficiency.

The challenge facing Busquí S.L. is to continue growing in order to offer all of our clients increasingly advanced moulds.