Why do our clients choose Busquí moulds?


  • Assembled or  injected moulds (optional)
  • Moulds are assembled with no external screws, ultra resistant and easily washed
  • Approved in compliance with the sanitary standards 3A and CFIA
  • Moulds are constructed as one piece unit, with no solder joint
  • Springs for better pressing control
  • Customized depths of the grooving and perforation

Easier to wash

  • No blocked perforation
  • No solder joints or ruptures

More resistant

  • 2-year guarantee for injected moulds and 4-year guarantee for the assembled ones

Both individual and assembled moulds can be repaired

More economical

  • At the moment of purchase
  • When replacement is needed
  • When new formats of moulds are added
  • Long-term benefit

 Possibility to produce specialty moulds

  • Tools according to the dimensions of the mould
  • Compatibles with the moulds already in place
  • Examples: applied flowers, Manchego moulds, moulds for Passendale cheese

We are applying the following steps in our work:

  1. Validation of the grooving need for each mould
  2. Validation of the pressing for each type of cheese
  3. Validation of the height of cheese body and other dimensions, such as depths of the grooving and perforation, taper
  4. Preparation of the final plan
  5. Application of the tools
  6. Production of the mould
  7. Validation of the parameters (springs, detailed fitting, trimming)