A hallmark of our work is the use of single-piece moulds in the production of multi-moulds, which we assemble on plaques. This fact means that our multi-moulds are very robust and, if a break occurs in one or two of the moulds, they could be replaced without having to discard the entire multi-mould.

We have patented an innovative multi-mould system, where the mould has freedom of movement between the plaques that make up the multi-mould. This allows it to absorb small filling differences, that way both the body and the top have a small amount of clearance in the horizontal plane, allowing the tops to centre themselves automatically over the bodies with a reduced level of mechanical wear. In addition it achieves a reduction in the material fatigue that arises from such a critical operation.

External measures most commonly used
330 x 180 mm
330 x 240 mm
350 x 180 mm
400 x 600 mm
525 x 525 mm
550 x 550 mm
580 x 580 mm
600 x 400 mm
632 x 387 mm
680 x 540 mm
720 x 480 mm
720 x 540 mm
750 x 500 mm
830 x 660 mm
855 x 615 mm

Busquí can adapt measures of multi-moulds its production, as can develop models with the number of individual molds you want.

Why do our clients choose Busquí moulds?