Assessment and cleaning of moulds

productes_limpieza_moldesAt Busqui S.L .we work each day to give our clients a comprehensive service. We are the only company that visits its clients when a new mould is being put into operation, making our best professionals available to give the appropriate advice throughout the process.

In addition to this technical advice, we help the client with the establishment and execution of the most suitable cleaning plan. For this reason, Busquí offers a line of cleaning products created exclusively for the cleaning and maintenance of micro-perforated moulds.


Here are some of the products we can offer you:

An acid detergent that is suitable for periodic acid cleaning and dairy product cleaning in general. It eliminates the milk stone incrustations (calcium phospho-caseinate), protein and mineral dirt deposits in moulds, machinery and circuits. It can be applied manually, as an immersion or in automatic cleaning systems (C.I.P.).
Bacteriacide and deoderising product, effective even at very low concentrations when used against all sorts of micro-organisms (bacteria, moulds, yeasts, etcetera). The product’s main active ingredient is peracetic acid (10%), suitable for thoroughly disinfecting micro-perforated moulds as well as circuits and dairy industry equipment.
Chlorinated alkaline product, which has a bacteriacide effect. It is used for disinfecting micro-perforated moulds in the cheese industry and in the diary industry in general.
A strongly alkaline and oxygenated powder-based detergent, used for manual, immersion, automatic or re-circulating cleaning of micro-perforated moulds and other objects used in the dairy industry. Very suitable for shock treatments.